European Parliament calls for a directive on psychosocial risks

The push to the European Commission is adopted on a vote of 551 to 30, with 110 abstentions.

March 10, 2022News

In a newly adopted parliamentary report, A new EU strategic framework on health and safety at work post 2020, the European Parliament has echoed the call of Eurocadres and the platform for a directive on work-related psychosocial risks. The report, drafted by rapporteur Marianne Vind (S&D, DK), gives a detailed overview to the European Commission on what must be included in a proposed framework to improve the conditions and organisation of workplaces throughout Europe.

Throughout the report there are 23 references to psychosocial risks, including the specific call: “on the Commission to propose, in consultation with the social partners, a directive on psychosocial risks and well-being at work aimed at the efficient prevention of psychosocial risks in the workplace, such as anxiety, depression, burnout and stress, including risks caused by structural problems such as work organisation (i.e. poor management, poor work design or not properly matching workers’ knowledge and abilities with the assigned tasks)”.

There is a consensus not only amongst MEPs, amongst trade unions and amongst civil society, but throughout Europe. We need action from the Commission, we need a directive

European workers have been long been overburdened by the lack of protection around work-related psychosocial risks. Figures have shown that binding measures offer the only solution to reorientating work organisation, with 89% of employers stating they manage occupational health and safety to comply with legislation.

This news is a further boost to the EndStress campaign, with Eurocadres President Nayla Glaise reacting by saying that “there is a gaping hole in European legislation when it comes to work-related psychosocial risks. While some Member States have good agreements brokered with national trade unions, working conditions must meet an adequate standard in every country operating in the single market. There is a consensus not only amongst MEPs, amongst trade unions and amongst civil society, but throughout Europe. We need action from the Commission, we need a directive”.

While the platform will continue working towards a directive on work-related psychosocial risks, we would like to place on record our thanks to rapporteur Vind for her fantastic report and work to date.

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